Sorting out your car insurance can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare, especially when you want to take your time to ensure you choose the right cover you need for the best possible price. So there may be times when taking out a short-term policy would be the best option for you, for example if you have just purchased a new car and want to drive it away from the forecourt on the same day. As you can choose the length of time you need for temporary cover – from 24 hours, a week, a month, and maybe even longer in some cases etc., this will enable you to take your time to compare and read through the details and small print to find the best options for your annual policy without any great urgency.

It is always a helpful option too for those times when you have just purchased a new car, but still have not sold on your old one. While you are keeping both cars, you can choose to keep one insured separately from the other until the time you are able to sell your old car. This is where a quote could be very handy.

What if you have close friends or relatives coming to stay with you, say from overseas, and they are leaving their own car at home? If you wanted to offer them the use of your car for day trips or outings while here, then you may need to get a quote that will cover any accidents that may occur while the vehicle is in use. You will have great peace of mind knowing you and your family or friends will be covered for all liabilities that may have to be faced.

Having the extra expense of an annual policy to keep up my become a bugbear when children leave for university. Most students studying at universities away from home don’t usually need to drive as everything they need can be pretty central to where they live and study, but when you have children visiting home from university between terms, they may want to borrow your car, even if they just need a cheap one day insurance policy..

It is at these times that you may be very glad to be able to take out some short-term cover, but the prices may vary depending on a few factors such as the age of the student, how long they have held their driving licence, if they have any outstanding motoring claims, or if they carry points on their licence.

It may be that you are considering giving your teenage child driving lessons yourself using your own car. In this case rather than adding them to your existing policy, you can instead choose to take out separate temp insurance to cover them while they are driving your car. This is also a great way to protect any no-claims bonus you have built-up on your permanent policy. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident during a lesson that needs a claim processing, then you don’t risk losing your no-claims bonus.

Some people keep vehicles that are not used every day, such as camper vans for summer holidays, or recreational vehicles that are only used a few times per year. Short-term cover is perfect for these vehicles as it can save you a lot of money over the long-term not having to pay in full for every vehicle you own.



There is probably no need for these vehicles to be fully insured all year-round when you don’t use them very regularly, just getting a quote for a month could be very economical.

The added benefit of most temporary car insurance agreements is that they can be arranged really quickly, so if you need to get covered in a hurry, due to a car breakdown for example, and you need to switch your use to a courtesy car or borrowed vehicle while your main car is being repaired, it can be very easy to arrange the ideal level of cover to suit your needs over the phone or internet.