Qualification for Registration as a Patent or Trade Mark Attorney

Eligibility for entry on the Register of Patent Attorneys or the Register of Trade Mark Attorneys is subject to the provisions of the Patent Attorney and Trade Mark Attorney Qualification and Registration Regulations as set by the IP Regulation Board.

The Regulations can be found at www.ipreg.org.uk/information/information_menu.php?ID=1
Briefly, it is necessary to pass or be exempted from the relevant qualifying examinations, as set out in the Examination Regulations, and to complete the service period set out paragraphs 4.2(c) or 4.3(c) of the IPReg Regulations, as appropriate.

Applications for entry on to the relevant Register under the Mutual Recognition Directive, details of which can be found on the website http://www.europeopen.org.uk/ should be made in the first instance to the IP Regulation Board (www.ipreg.org.uk).

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